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Product description:

Wheel hub is an important part supporting gravity and whole body gravity of tire, and an important part connecting brake parts and axle. Therefore, it has high requirement on mechanical properties such as strength and hardness.

Our advantage:

1.       We have rich resources for the accessories market, can help customers to solve all      kinds of demand, to provide competitive products.

2.       Our hub had passed ISO/TS16949, ISO9001 quality certification, more longer use life.

3.       Have passed strictly inspection and test then provide to customers.

4.       Quality guarantee: 12 months.

5.       We have several price level on the same product for your option.

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1.       Regular cleaning of the old grease in the inner cavity of the wheel hub, it should be replaced when there is a serious crack or severe scratch.

2.       Put a thin layer of grease in the hub cavity and on the axle head, which plays the role of anti rust. Pay attention to the grease in the hub cavity not too much, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation and braking.

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