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Product description:

The brake drum is a safety piece in the semitrailer, have a braking effect, it affords the friction between the brake linings, therefore, has high requirements on mechanical property of strength hardness and heat conduct as well.

Our advantage:

1.       We have rich resources for the accessories market, can help customers to solve all      kinds of demand, to provide competitive products.

2.       Our brake drum had passed ISO/TS16949, ISO9001 quality certification, more longer use life.

3.       Have passed strictly inspection and test then provide to customers.

4.       Quality guarantee: 12 months.

5.       We have several price level on the same product for your option.

  • product details

OEM NO.: 0310667290                                                  Brake Size:420*213

Rear Axle:290MM                                                           C.B.D:238MM

P.C.D:335MM                                                                  Bolt no.:6

Bolt type:21                                                                      Weiht:46kg


Standard:EN ,SAE ,GB

Quality Standard:OEM

Meterial Grade:GG 25 ,HT 250

Chemical composition:C: 3.5-3.7 Si: 1.5-2.1% Mn: 0.6-0.9%
                                     P:<0.12% S: <0.1% Cr:0.6-0.9% Cu:0.3-0.8

Mechanics performance:tensile strength: ≥ 250Mpa


Non-Destructive Test:Metallurgical test

Dimension inspection:dimension inspection report

Production according to:customer's drawing or OEM number





1.       The brake drum should be replaced when it has cracks, or the inner diameter has exceeded the maximum allowable repair size.

2.       It should be replaced or boring when surface groove or serious injury.

3.       The brake system need to keep dry: the driver is suggested to blow dry at the maintenance station when it is wet, on the one hand, the braking function of the brake system is restored, on the other hand it will be blown away by the sediment carried by the rain to reduce the damage to the brake system. If the condition is not allowed, the owner can brake at a safe speed, let the brake shoe and brake drum or brake disc friction generate heat, evaporate the moisture, and the vehicle drivers will step on brake several times  , so that it can achieve the purpose of drying.

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