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Vapor recovery adaptor is installed on the recovery pipeline on the side tanker with a free float poppet valve. Vapor recovery hose coupler connects with vapor recovery adaptor while opening poppet valve. After completing unloading, the poppet valve remains closed. Dust cap is installed on the adaptor, when not in use, to prevent gasoline vapors from escaping and to prevent water, dust and debris from entering into the tank.

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Body: Aluminum

Seal: NBR

Shaft: Stainless steel

Spring: Stainless steel


1.     Aluminum alloy die-cast structure, anodized treatment.

2.     4” inner threads by 4” cam and groove

3.     4” TTMA standard mounting flange

4.     Easy to install

5.     Stainless steel hardware, 3” vapor poppet valve

6.     High flow and low pressure drop for quick loading and unloading.

7.     Two-position mounting holes for mounting air interlock valve.

8.     Meets API RP 1004 & EN13083 standard.

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