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Optic socket isinstalled on the side of the tanker to transfer the electrostatic signal andoverflow signal between the tanker and loading platform. When do bottomloading, it should be monitored on the ground. Load monitor requires a specialsignal to provide ground verification signal. In addition, the wire should beconnected with grounding wire of vehicle identification system.

For properinstallation, “the ground wire” MUST be securelyfastened to the tanker chassis; we have pre-wired it to pin NO.9 on theoverfill-detection sockets to provide proper ground verification.

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Body: Aluminum

Seal: NBR

Hardware parts: Stainless steel

Pin: 6.10 


1.     Pre-wired, tested and ready for installation

2.     Aluminum Hard-Coated Nose Ring and J-Slots for long wear

3.     Ground Wire Installed

4.     Vehicle Identification wire installed

5.     Stainless-steel contact pins

6.     Color-coded for easy identification

7.     Light weight, durable, low-cost caps with raised surfaces for better grip included

8.     Stainless-steel hardware included

Install the image:

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